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Akismet Spam Filter for Community Server 2008.5

1) If you don't already have one, sign up for an Akismet/Wordpress API key at .

2) Copy BrianPeek.Akismet.CS.dll and Joel.Net.Akismet.dll to your Community
Server "bin" directory.
  • NOTE: There is a bug with 3rd party spam filters in CS2008.5. They won't
acknowledge it, but it exists. If you have more than one 3rd party spam
filter, ONLY the first one will execute properly. Therefore, ensure that
this spam filter is the ONLY 3rd party spam filter used with your site!!

3) Configure the filter by going to the Control Panel Dashboard ->
Administration -> Content/Site Security -> Manage Spam Blocker. You will
need to enter a score to assign spam and your Akismet API key. In general,
assign a score that's greater than your baseline so it will be caught.

Once configured, the Akismet filter will validate all comments on blogs and
media posts, as well as forum posts. An entry will be entered into the event
log everytime a spam message is found along with its contents.

This is basically a modified version of the Waegis Spam Rule written by
Keyvan Nayyeri ( which is licensed under the New BSD

This filter uses a modified version of Akismet .NET 2.0 API,
Copyright (c) 2006, Joel Thoms, All rights reserved. BSD License

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